Room4U - 3rd floor, Basel

Room Type m2 Price/month
Storage/office/hobby room with window 17 - 18 m2 295.00 CHF
Storage/office/hobby room with window 13 - 14 m2 255.00 CHF
Storage room without windows 7 - 9 m2 150.00 CHF
Storage room without windows 4 - 5 m2 90.00 CHF

Ceiling height 2.5 m
Prices include MwSt

Lift H301 H302 H303 H304 H317 H318 H319 H320 H321 H322 H323 H324 H325 H326 H327 H328 H329 H330 H331 H332 H333 H334 H335 H336 H337 H338 H339 H340 H341 H342 H343 H344 H345 H346 L301 L302 L303 L304 L305 L306 L307 L308 L309 L310 L311 L312 L313 L314 L315 L316 L317 L318 L319 L351 L347 L343 L339 L335 L331 L320 L349 L350 L346 L342 L338 L334 L330 L348 L345 L344 L341 L340 L337 L336 L333 L332 L329 L328 L321 L322 L323 L324 L325 L326 L327