Opening Spreitenbach

The goal is getting closer and closer!

The opening of our new location in Spreitenbach is coming up soon and we are happy to announce a start date.

From Mai 1th, 2021 our rooms at Industriestrasse 173a in 8957 Spreitenbach will be ready for you!

Inquire online in advance which rooms are free and suit your needs.

Secure your ROOM4U offer with flexible conditions and space for your needs.

Trailer for rent


Half day Fr. 30.- 

Whole day Fr. 55.- 

Weekend Fr. 100.- 

Weekly fee Fr. 250.-

Depot Fr. 300.-

 Information and reservation in the office in Allschwil

Tel. 078 332 53 33 /

Picture see

Soundproofing for music room

Visit our sample room for musicians in Allschwil!

It is possible to equip the walls and ceiling of your music room with soundproofing.

Costs: Fr. 400.- one-off plus Fr. 75 .- / month.

Time required: approx. 1 day.

Video Room4U Allschwil