Your ROOM4U in Schaffhausen

It's time!

In Schaffhausen the bells are ringing and the door is open.

Are you still looking for a storage or hobby room?
Your car doesn't have a roof over your head at home or you don't want your start-up to be founded in your own apartment?

We can offer you the extra room in Schaffhausen since September 1st, 2022.
Our new building at Schweizersbildstrasse 35 in 8200 Schaffhausen is ready for you to move into!

Trailer for rent


Half day Fr. 30.- 

Whole day Fr. 55.- 

Weekend Fr. 100.- 

Weekly fee Fr. 250.-

Depot Fr. 300.-

 Information and reservation in the office in Allschwil

Tel. 078 332 53 33 /

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