What room sizes are available?

What does my room cost?

Is a deposit required?

What can I store in my room?

What can I use my room for?

How and when are payments made?

Is there a minimum contract time period?

How much notice must be given for terminating a contract?

When can I access my room?

Is there on-site parking available?

Is my room separate from other rooms?

Is the access to my room secure?

Is there a surveillance security system?

Can I customize and individualize my room?

Is there a W/C available?

Are the rooms heated?

Is there electricity in my room?

Are there any additional side costs?

Is there a water supply in my room?

Is there telephone/tv/ and or internet access available?

Can I order additional key chips?

Is there a location for individual or business signage for Room4U users?

How much weight can I store in my space?

Is a postal box available with my room?

Is there garbage/waste removal available?

Can I smoke in my room?

Can I use my room for overnight stay?

What are the regulations regarding noise?

What do I need in regards to insurance?

Who do I contact for questions or concerns?

Can I transfer my User Agreement to another person or firm?

Are pets permit in the rooms?

Why is a copy of ID required?

Is there a long term discount?

Is an elevator or lift available?

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