Room4U - 1st floor, Basel

Room Type m2 Price/month
Storage/office/hobby room with window 17 - 18 m2 295.00 CHF
Storage/office/hobby room with window 13 - 14 m2 255.00 CHF
Storage room without windows 7 - 9 m2 150.00 CHF
Storage room without windows 4 - 5 m2 90.00 CHF

Ceiling height 2.5 m
Prices include MwSt

Lift H101 H102 H103 H104 H105 H106 H107 H108 H109 H110 H111 H112 H113 H114 H115 H116 H117 H118 H119 H120 H121 H122 H123 H124 H125 H126 H127 H128 H129 H130 H131 H132 H133 H134 H135 H136 H137 H138 H139 H140 H141 H142 H143 H144 H145 H146 L101 L102 L103 L104 L105 L106 L107 L108 L109 L110 L111 L112 L113 L114 L115 L116 L117 L118 L119 L120 L121 L122 L123 L124 L125 L126 L127