Room4U: ideal for home office

Working at home is the trend. Room4U combines the flexibility of a home office with the advantages of your own office workstation. In addition: If you need more space and are looking for a short-term solution quickly, Room4U is the right choice.

Affordable alternative

Home office is currently experiencing a real boom. You work at home, but in the long run there is not enough space in the flat. All rooms are occupied, the dining table becomes an office workplace. With time, this becomes a challenge. Moreover, it is uncertain how long you will work at home at all. A move is time-consuming, a larger flat is more expensive.

If you compare the prices for rental flats, you will see that Room4U can be a real alternative to a larger flat in terms of costs.

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Create a feel-good atmosphere

A beautiful table, a cosy group of cushions, a stylish lamp: your living room is beautifully furnished, this is where you like to spend your free time. However: Do you feel like working in this environment? Somehow the "office feeling" is missing?

Arrange your workplace at Room4U to suit your taste, for example by hanging your favourite picture on the wall. Not only will you be mentally well prepared for your next online meeting, but the surroundings will also suit you. Still want to tidy up quickly, set the background blur at the start of the meeting or search for a virtual background picture? All this is no longer necessary. You go into the next meeting totally relaxed.

Flexible space

Is your office infrastructure limited to a laptop? Or do you have several screens? Perhaps you would be happy to have an additional table for storage.

No matter how much space you need: With Room4U you choose the room size that suits you and your business. Our rooms in Allschwil are between 13 and 18 m2, and in Spreitenbach AG we are building rental space for offices of up to 35 m2.

Allschwil BL: Discover the available space.
Kreuzlingen TG: Discover the available space.
Spreitenbach AG (from 2021): to the project

Spatial separation as an advantage

Those who work in home office need self-discipline above all. The household wants to be done, you want to watch your favourite TV series, you should do some shopping for lunch: Possible distractions lurk everywhere, it becomes more difficult to focus on work.

Separating work and leisure time makes you more productive. In addition, you can clearly see what you have been working on and, above all, how long. This gives satisfaction and a good feeling - and makes your working day comprehensible for the boss.

You work undisturbed

Your children play in the living room, the telephone rings, the kitchen is busy: undisturbed, concentrated work in home office is sometimes only possible to a limited extent. For virtual meetings with customers or team meetings with partly confidential content, a separate room with a door is advantageous.

With Room4U you work undisturbed. And above all, you can leave everything alone.

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