Tips for Startups 1

Market analysis, business plan, start-up capital and ongoing operating costs: In a loose series we provide you with valuable information on these topics. Interesting basic and background knowledge - not only for startups.

Market analysis

How good is your idea? How much potential does your business model have? Look around, analyze the competition. What strengths do your future competitors have? Think about how you can stand out. What can you do better than the rest of the industry? For example, differentiate yourself through price or quality.
Tip: Create a so-called USP, a unique selling proposition. Focus entirely on your own strengths, right from the start.

Business plan

You know exactly what you want. I do? Write down what you want to do. It's only by formulating your thoughts that you'll get clarity. You'll discover weaknesses, you'll see other strengths.
The business plan gives structure to your thoughts. It contains all information about the company, you, your expertise and a detailed presentation of the product or service. With this 20 to 40 page paper you also go to potential investors.
Tip: Are you familiar with the Business Model Canvas? Here you outline the essential aspects of your company on one page. Although this does not replace the business plan, it is definitely a first option for startups.

Seed Capital

Anyone building up their business needs a certain capital base in addition to a lot of perseverance and enthusiasm. First, of course, there are your own financial resources. Another option is family and friends who support good, convincing ideas. Your ideas must be good and convincing when you go to other external financiers. Not only your appearance will help you there, but also your well thought-out business plan.
Tip: Various banks provide start-ups with inexpensive start-up loans.

Operating costs

With the seed capital you create the financial basis for the successful start of your independence. But also keep an eye on the running costs. Plan carefully - and even before you start. Use realistic amounts. That way you will be spared unpleasant surprises. (Hidden) costs lurk everywhere, among other things:
- Insurance: Personal, property, vehicle insurance.
- Provision: AHV, pension fund/3rd pillar
- Marketing/Communication: website, various advertising measures offline
- Premises
- Taxes/tax consultancy
- Accounting: trust office
- Telephony/Internet
- Interest on loans
- Private expenditure
Tip: Think carefully about the areas in which regular costs are incurred. Also ask other founders. They all have the same starting point in this respect.

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