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Store files safely and cleanly

Storing files, folders and archive boxes is a space-consuming endeavor in the long run, as many files need to be stored in the business area for a certain period of time. Internal storage space is becoming increasingly scarce and you have to look for good and cheap alternatives. Unfortunately, most other business houses do not have space for external companies either, because their archive rooms are already filled with their own files.

Storage by companies

In everyday office life, full filing cabinets and shelves are not uncommon. Whether files, folders or accounting documents, more and more companies are struggling with space problems as a result. With up to 10 years storage obligation for companies, storage space quickly becomes scarce.
For companies according to Art. 957 OR there is a storage obligation for business documents resulting from the accounting law (Art. 957ff OR). Regarding the keeping and storage of business records, Art. 958 lit. f CO stipulates that business records and accounting vouchers as well as the annual report and the auditor's report must be stored for ten years, whereby the storage period begins with the end of the business year.
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Store files worry-free in one of OUR ROOMS

Store files off-site at ROOM4U in Spreitenbach! Our large selection of rooms offers you the opportunity to rent your ideal storage space. The rooms in our building are between 4m², 18m² and up to 35m² in size and have a ceiling height of 2.5m. There are rooms with and without windows. Security is also very important to us. With our reliable electronic locking system and security cameras distributed throughout the building, we can guarantee that no one but our ROOM4U users can enter the building.

At ROOM4U in Spreitenbach, you can store your files cleanly and dryly. We have the right room for every need. We would also be happy to advise you directly on site. Come by, we are looking forward to your visit!