ROOM4U: We introduce ourselves and the new location

ROOM4U: We introduce ourselves and the new location.

ROOM4U is a Swiss company based in Thurgau which opened its first test site in Kreuzlingen in 2015.
The idea behind this concept is very simple: space for everything.

We all know the problem. A small apartment and no space to store things.
A hobby but no place to live it out or a favorite car and no place to store it and tinker around at the same time or any possibilities we haven’t even thought of that are unique to you.

This is where we come into play.
Our flexible spaces offer you the possibility to rent your personal room.
The rooms in our buildings are between 4m², 18m² and up to 35m² in size and have a ceiling height of 2.5m. There are also rooms with and without windows, depending on your needs and usage.
We can also adapt your room to your use, such as a room insulation for musicians.

Every room is equipped with electricity and we also attach great importance to a good infrastructure in the building. With a small monthly fee you can use additional services like your own mailbox or access to the toilet facilities.
Parking facilities are also available.
Short loading and unloading is of course fine - 30min parking is free of charge.

Security is also very important to us. With our reliable electronic locking system and security cameras distributed throughout the building, we can guarantee that no one but our ROOM4U users can enter the building.
Only you and your guests have access to your personal room.

Our employees who are on site every day take care of the cleanliness, maintenance and repairs. They are present for you at any time and will be happy to help you with any concerns that may arise.

With the start of our construction in Spreitenbach, we have taken the opportunity to expand our company and our services by an additional 9000m² rental area. This means a further 500 rooms are now available to our customers and all the different uses.

If you are interested in our offer, you can easily check the availability online and specify the desired room with the desired rental period.
You will receive the invoice monthly.
With a minimum rental period of one month and two weeks notice period, it is important to us to maintain your flexibility and not to tie you to anything in the long term.

So you are looking for a storage room, hobby room or workshop?
Stay on our website and have a look at our available offers.

Kind regards

Your ROOM4U Team